[Friday, 25 January 2008]  Long break there between updates, sorry about that. Let's see whats new in the world of slid3r, got the server transfered over with minimal issues. MySQL didn't want to cooperate at first, got that sorted out easy enough. Built a new exim4 mail server, which for some reason decided to fight me tooth and nail. Minor set-backs aside, pretty smooth migration to a larger server. I am gonna resurrect the old Liftedsites host too, for any of you out there that need hosting for your web presences, domains, or emails. We had a wonderful Christmas, hope you all did as well. I will try to get some more pictures up in the gallery for your viewing pleasures. And I will try to be a little more diligent about updating the site.

[Monday, 26 February 2007]  True to form, developed a new recipe over the weekend for chicken enchiladas. Since I prolly shouldn't just report on what I cooked every monday go ahead and just check on the recipes section from time to time, I will prolly be developing a new something once a week or so. Coming up on paddy's day, maybe we'll do something themed for that.

[Monday, 19 February 2007]  Not a lot new to report in the new year. Just steady workin and stayin generaly busy. I developed what I consider to be a pretty dee-luxe chili recipe over the weekend tho, so I typed that up to share with the world. You can find it here: Slid3r's Chili Recipe. Not a very glamorous name I realize, but it's good eatin none the less. I'll check back in here when I have new and exciting stuff to report.

[Monday, 04 December 2006]  Happy Monday. We hadda great weekend, had a birthday party, everyone had a great time. I slapped together a little guestbook page, so that visitors to the site might leave their name, and a message. I still need to spruce it up a little and make it all pretty, but feel free to sign the guestbook at any time.

[Tuesday, 16 November 2006]  Hello again folk(s), Updating the site again for the sake of linking a new page I made. A strange thing happens to me a couple times a day and that is, for no reason at all, a totally random song pops into my head and wedges itself there for a good long time. Then I will at random intervals belt out a verse or whistle the chorus. Which is usually pretty embarrassing because most times it's a really lame, or girly type song. I was whistling the other day, and my buddy looks at me and says, "Is that 'Lady in Red'?". *sigh* The most common, or regular occurrence of this event is in the morning when I wake up. Almost every morning I wake up, and while I'm getting ready for work, start singin some random song that was playing in my head. The incident is so notable, that I thought I would in fact, note it. So with all that said, I give you my Morning Jukebox in My Head.

[Tuesday, 14 November 2006]  Built a new toy today, it's a script that takes the user to a totaly random website on the interweb. I got it all finished, and my buddy Luke says, "why would you make something like that?" I said, "two reasons, and both of them are boredom" ... I was bored, needed something to do, and went looking for something that would take me to just a random website, no searching or anything, just *click* and BANG, random website. I found a couple, but they were'nt really truly random, sooo ... to truly get what you want, build it yerself. So I did. Fairly pleased with it, you can check it out here. Be careful tho, you can get trapped looking at random websites. That's all for now, happy hunting.

[Thursday, 02 November 2006]  Rainy Thursday in Portland today, nice day to update the site. Well, I ordered some gear last week from X10, took FedEx 5 days to get it here from Las Vegas. It finally came yesterday. I was pretty eager to get it all home and get it rigged up the way I had it envisioned. I got a dimmable lamp module, an on/off appliance plug, and a screw in light bulb module (on/off). I also got two remote controls, and a PC interface that plugs into a serial port. Ok for those of you that don't know, X10 is a fancy method of communicating from module to module via signals carried over yer electrical wiring. Pretty slick really. So I got everything hooked up, was able to control it all via remote control, and was pleased. Then I set about the real reason I wanted to get into home automation .... scripting. So I created a macro. This is where it got really cool. I set it so with the touch of a button 2 of the living room lights go out, and the rear light dims to 20%. Perfect for watching a movie. We call it, "movie mode". I'm just about as pleased with the outcome as I can be. Need to add a lot more modules, and learn a lot more about scripting the interface. The goal is to have things pretty automated, on timers and such, and motion detectors to turn on lights in the middle of the night and all that. As always more to come. On a different note, my wish list is getting bigger; I set this thing up as a list of goals. It's turning into a monster. If I win the lottery, I can make it go away tho right?

[Friday, 01 September 2006]  Well it's Friday, nothing in the way of news really to report. Finished a project for the ladies, so they can have their own website to keep in contact and get their schedules coordinated and what not. Been working on recording some stuff, nothing that's any good, but I set up my office pretty nice so I can sit in there and make noise. I have switched officially to a full time Linux environment, mostly due to peer pressure, and am enjoying the life that is CLI. I have my eye on a few toys I want to buy when I win the lottery, one of them is a dream computer, one is a neato GPS, and as anyone who knows me knows ... one is a Lexus. One day at a time, one day at a time.

[Thursday, 06 April 2006]  Hello boys and girls. Just touching up the site for the sake of an update. Um ... life is good, lots of projects in the works, none of them with an end in sight. Working on a Geocaching experiment and a couple other things. Writing software, sites etc. I'll put links to em up as they come to life. I hope all are well and I will check back in here soon.

[Monday, 26 December 2005]  Day after Christmas, hadda great weekend with my family. My Sister and Bil, and my nieces to pieces. Mom, Dad, little bro and wife, and m'lady. Was a great day, we ate, gave gifts, everything was great. My mother's Christmas spread, the decorations, the feel, and the FOOD, (THE STANDARD for all turkey dinners IMHO) is second to none. I got the greatest unexpected gift too, a Magellan GPS unit. I had NO IDEA how much fun I was gonna have with this thing, I don't think I set it down all day, except to enjoy the pure bliss that is my mother's cooking. So of course I put my batteries in it, and headed outside. Set the way point at my folx front door, and headed off down the street ... believe it or not I found my way back. Well after watching the pointer dance, and give my exact location in feet away from my point of holiday origin, the speed I was walking, and how long it would take me to get back in seconds .... I was hooked. I went back inside to play with it more. I got my name and address programmed into it, and was exploring the other functions when my sister and Bil mentioned, "If I had one of those I would take the girls 'Geo Caching'". OHHH REEEEEAALLY? ... So Bil whips out the laptop and shows me just what this is all about. Wow. We signed up, and entered our zip code, found there were several caches near us, one was about a mile away. Soooo, With 30 minutes to kill before I had to make the mashed potatoes ... me and Bil headed out. Followed the coords, and found ourselves at a park ... GPS shows we are about 70 feet from our destination ... we found the hidden cache, opened it up, signed the log book, and were just about as pleased with ourselves as two guys could be. Gooood times. I will definitely be doing some caching. For those of you out there who are looking for something new to be excited about and have some fun with, I recommend you get out there, pick up an entry level GPS, and mess around with it.

[Thursday, 21 July 2005]  Wow, talk about site neglect. Oh well you guys forgive me dont you? If not ... well then I guess you can all go to hell. But seriously, I hope all is as bueno in your collective worlds as it is in mine. Does it sound like I am speaking as if people actualy frequent this site and read it? Oh well a man can hope, but a hoping man should be more responsible about updating his blog. (heh I said "blog") Love ya.

[Wednesday, 06 October 2004]  Well, It's been a while since I updated this site any, I figured I might as well since im paying for the domain and all. Its October, and I am getting the itch to get up to the mountain and ride. Pray for snow. is still in the werks, you guys need to keep on me about getting that finished. Anyway, see y'all on the flipper side of whats next.

[Thursday, 29 July 2004]  Slapped a new title image up there today, and no ... it's not me skiing, perhaps I can digg one up later. Off to George Fox degree completion information meeting tonight, should be a whoot and a holler (sarcasm). Stay tuned sports fans, this page might actualy do something some day.

[Sunday, 25 July 2004]  Well today is the day, the domain finaly resolved for me, and here we are. The birth of an era. Expect some cool things from the server ... we'll host some stuff, we'll do some testing, we'll have some fun. So welcome, and let's get to werk.


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